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The premier metal furniture accent and metal support designer in North Carolina.  Our goal is to create beautiful structures for your favorite furniture.

Working in the steel industry for 8 years now has me hungry for more and more. I truly get excited about each and every new thing life throws our way.  Deciding to branch and work with table accents, legs, and other furniture items has been nothing less than amazing venture for me. Whether it is big or small, knowing that we are making imagination a reality for someone excites me each and every time like it was our first.

My 3 beautiful children - Zoey, Mallie, and Royce are truly my inspiration to push harder and higher.  I see their zest for the everyday things in life that I so often take for granted.  I learn from them everyday and I apply that to my work.  My beautiful wife Jessica always is passionate and driven for perfection.  Nothing less than the backbone of our lives.  I am truly blessed and proud to say that I take pride in knowing that I am helping (big or small) support this great nation - one piece at a time.  

My hope is that my passion shines through in everything we do at Blue Ridge Metal Works. 

Thanks for visiting our website and I hope you find something you love.

Jon Tucker


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